Magnificent Moron Party

17 Apr

My good friend Father O’Mally, may Mother Mary bless him, thought I’d enjoy this …

He was right. I did. Pretty much sums it up. Julius, South Africa’s very own Moron the Magnificent, seems hellbent on retaining the Throne of Stupid for as long as he can. Uncle Bob is his role model, after all. And speaking of role models …

If Father Pat prays hard enough to the Virgin, the ANC may eventually kick him to the curb. Just ask Thabo and that other Julius how it feels when sharp things get embedded in your back. With enough political will and multiple wives advising you what to do after sexy time, you can proper fuck those above and below you.

I have written a letter to Comrade Dipshit Jules suggesting we start our own political party. That is, after he regains consciousness from the head trauma suffered from his headbutt to the pavement. It may be fun for a while being unemployed drunks (if you don’t want to plow though the whole interview, just take my word for it that Malema likes a beer). But we’ll need something more to channel our imbecility. So we’ll launch our brand-new party. I’ve already started my worldwide revolution of stupidity. And he fits the profile already as the biggest moron on the planet. Together we can rule the world. Someone has to take over from Bob when he finally croaks.

Our new political powerhouse shall be named the MMP (Magnificent Moron Party). I think it’s a name morons everywhere can celebrate. With beer.

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  1. Boom and Gloom on Workers’ Day « The Dalai Moron - May 1, 2010

    […] Boom and Gloom on Workers’ Day First, some voluptuous, big boobed woman threatens South Africa on boobquake with boom and gloom. What the hell was that about? I get why Americans may want to annihilate Australia Iran. Terrorists threatening to bomb their fast food outlets and forcing their immodest women to cover up from toe to eyeball. Not cool. It warrants some serious ass-kicking with all the smart bombs you can drop onto a defined geographical desert region that also happens to have lovely oil fields. But South Africa? Take our gold and diamonds and vuvuzelas, just don’t kill us! Please. You can even have Malema. […]

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