Boobquake Targets Innocent Tits In South Africa

27 Apr

It’s true then. Boobs do have the power to cause earthquakes.

What did that Iranian cleric dude say? Are you all deaf? He said this would happen, you spectacular infidels. And you didn’t listen! He said that boobs can cause such frantic masturbation divine wrath that the very foundations of the earth will rumble and buildings will collapse and kill the fuck out of people.

This is why for the entire time women all over the immodest world have been behaving like almighty boobs for that Boobquake “scientific” experiment, I have been hiding under my bed (read the post below). And what do you know, an earthquake did strike somewhere on the planet on Monday — Taiwan got cleaved! Or just a bit shook up, same difference but with no squashed people. Watch this CNN special report for yourself.

You should have noticed (I know, it was a bit distracting) the crazy lady bastard shaking her voluptuous tits at her webcam (at about 1:16 on the CNN clip) saying “boom! in Iran” and “boom! in South Africa”.

Boom in South Africa?! What the flying fuck? What did we do to y’all that you have to be hating us with your boobs? This is why I’m still not ready to come out from under my bed. My country now has a giant target pinned to its butt inviting the gods to shake the living crap out of it. In the name of science and/or religion, no one can quite decide.

Update: There were 47 earthquakes on boobquake. Not just that 6.5 magnitude mediocre motherfucker in Taiwan.

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