How Not to Use Urinals

19 May

Guys don’t really need them. We can just as easily use the nearest pot plant, tree, shrub, wall, ditch, boss’s desk drawer to aim our jets of relief at. But for the sake of the children and modern progress, urinals do the trick. They’re practical.

Washing hands is optional if we’ve just urinated off a thousand-foot cliff in the middle of the night after getting lost on our way home from the pub just around the corner. But if we’re using a public restroom, there’s no excuse. For the love of Christ and restaurant mints, wash your fucking hands after you’ve siphoned the python / much smaller one-eyed snake you wish was a python.

Enter exhibit A in the case for human stupidity.

This moron’s mama brought him up well. He knows to wash his hands or he’ll infect everyone with his strain of imbecility. And as luck would have it, a Dutch camera crew FILMING THE MARVELS OF URINALS filmed this dude about to … no, he didn’t just. do. that!

Yes, he fucking did, and now all the Dutch have gone back to pissing exclusively in pot plants (which they later smoke). Watch.

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