… is awesome!

Fear not. It is I, the Dalai Moron. Not to be confused with the holy dude who pissed off China and endeared himself to Western governments and Hollywood celebs. Who in turn is not to be confused with this creature of the horny ears and magnificent eyelashes …

I’m quite different from either of these dudes. I don’t have pointy ears and ten-inch (mind out the gutter) eyelashes. Nor do I wear a robe, chant and hang around with Richard Gere like this dude …

But I do think the world is populated by morons. Like I said, fear not, the Dalai Moron has arisen from obscurity to celebrate human stupidity. Did I say celebrate? I meant mercilessly mock, ridicule and insult. With a stupid-looking smile on my face to rival the llama’s.

I bring you a bit of light-hearted distraction from your corporate drudgery or whatever fucked up stuff you have to do all day to get by. After all, if you’re reading this you’re on the internets getting your laugh on instead of making your boss richer so he can buy his spoilt-brat kid a pet llama. And if you’re the boss, you should be ashamed of yourself for “stumbling” onto this porn site.

By the way, if you’re easily offended, it doesn’t make you more or less of a moron than those who stick around. But you probably should go and play Scrabble or something less troubling to your soul. Moron is a five-letter word. Just saying.

Namaste. [Redefined meaning: I bow to the eternal moron in y’all.]

PS I created this blog on 1 April. Irony doesn’t come better than that. And I dedicate it to my cat, Fat Bastard, and the morons I used to work with. You know who you are, lady bastards.

PPS Respect to the holy dude who stood up to the bullies on the other side of that fucking big mountain range. No hard feelings for borrowing the dalai bit? Thanks mate.


2 Responses to “… is awesome!”

  1. Lady Bastardo April 13, 2010 at 2:17 pm #

    Absolutely brilliant!



  1. The Jedi Master « The Dalai Moron - April 3, 2010

    […] About […]

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